Space technology for a sustainable Earth

Semilla modules form a closed wastewater treatment unit, using advanced space technology to convert sanitary wastewater into clean water and fertilizers for food production.


Water is re-used for flushing water and irrigation water.


Costs, water usage, diseases, and pollution are all reduced.


Irrigation water, fertilizers, and compost are recovered.

modular sanitation

Semilla modules are extremely flexible and can be placed in the most extreme environments. From luxury living spaces, to saving lives in the most hazardous situations.

Factors such as urgency, safety, budget, recovery needs, discharge standards, and the business case, allows us to design a customized treatment solution. We supply self-sufficient, decentral and mobile systems for first aid, development, and permanent situations.

Our Segments

saving lives

By combining container homes and controlled multilayer food production units, the modules respond to global emergencies. Providing the basic necessities for life, at a record time.

The modules provide toilets, washing and showering facilities. Through biological or physical treatment, three wastewater streams can be converted into safe drinkable water, fertilizer, irrigation water and compost. Due flexible modules also we can provide biogas and electricity.

Sustainable Development Goal

By 2030, everyone should have access to clean drinking water and hygienic sanitation. This is the crux of the UN’s sixth Sustainable Development Goal (SDG). It is especially important since access to clean water is a prerequisite for achieving other SDGs, according to Geeta Rao Gupta, Executive Director of UNICEF. Semilla helps meet that goal, module by module.

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